Genericky Vitamins And Minerals - , Almond And Rose Soap, Cucumber And Coconut Soap, Honey And Cream Soap, Refreshing And Clarifying Toner, Nutripower, Shigru

  • Almond And Rose Soap®

    almond oil, persian rose
    • 75g

    Almond And Rose Soap® - a daily use soap that moisturizes and soothes skin. The goodness of Almond nourishes and moisturizes, while Rose extracts cool and revitalize the skin.

    Kč 113.04
  • Cucumber And Coconut Soap®

    cucumber, coconut soap
    • 75g

    Cucumber And Coconut Soap® energizing and cooling, this soap prevents body odor. Cucumber reduces excessive oiliness, and Coconut moisturizes the skin, which Turmeric enhances the complexion.

    Kč 113.04
  • Honey And Cream Soap®

    honey, milk
    • 75g

    Honey and cream soap® is enriched with the goodness of milk that nourishes and moisturizes, and extracts of Honey that soothe and hydrate, Cream & Honey Soap keeps skin soft and supple.

    Kč 113.04
  • Refreshing and Clarifying Toner®

    boerhavia, lemon, lentil
    • 100ml

    Refreshing and clarifying toner® - an alcohol-free herbal formulation that deep cleanses pores and keeps skin oil free without over drying. Lentil deep cleanses pores, while Citrus Lemon refreshes and cleanses.

    Kč 173.52
  • Nutripower®

    vitamins and minerals
    • 70g

    Nutripower is 70 G Oral Paste High Calorie, Highly nutritional supplement for Cats & Dogs fortified with Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Amino Acids and Fatty Acids. It is highly recommended for Pets with predominantly Veg diet, which lacks essential animal proteins. Nutripower also provides instant energy to pets with stress &decreased or lack of appetite and obese pets being put on low fat diet.

    Kč 453.28
  • Shigru

    • 60pills

    Shigru (Drumstick Tree/Horseradish Tree/ Moringa oleifera) is an exceptionally nutritious vegetable tree with a variety of uses. The leaves are rich, natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Shigru is used in diet to maintain general health and alleviate inflamed joints.

    Kč 226.45
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